Organizing Committee

Hilary Lappin Scott

Organizing Chair

Professor Hilary Lappin-Scott is the elected President of FEMS, having been the elected President of the Society for General Microbiology (now the Microbiology Society) from 2009-2012 and President of the International Society for Microbial Ecology for two terms from 2006-2010.  She was the co-founder of the ISME Journal and a member of the International Board of the American Society for Microbiology.  Professor Lappin-Scott is a Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology alongside several other Fellowships.  Professor Lappin-Scott is a passionate supporter of equality, diversity and inclusion in science and research and works hard to support early career scientists.Her research interests are within the discipline of Microbial Ecology, including biofilm formation and control processes and the biodegradation of environmental, pollutants in soils.

Bauke Oudega

Programme Chair

Bauke Oudega studied Chemistry at the University of Amsterdam. After his thesis on the Mode of Action, Structure and Function of Bacteriocin Cloacin DF13, defended at the VU University of Amsterdam, he studied the biosynthesis of Outer Membrane Proteins in the laboratory of Mary Jane Osborn in Connecticut, USA. Back in Amsterdam, he studied protein secretion pathways in Gram-negative bacteria, the structure and function of adhesive organelles (fimbriae) of intestinal bacteria causing diarrhea, inner membrane protein biosynthesis and the role of the bacterial SRP, as well as the structure and function of so-called autotransporter proteins. Besides a scientific career at the VU University (VUA, Amsterdam), he was vice-dean, and dean of the Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences for many years as well as vice-rector of the VUA. He has been in the FEMS Board of Directors for 7 years, the last three years as President of FEMS. His current research interest is broad, but protein secretion pathways, structure function relationships of membrane proteins as well as secreted proteins and vaccin development are still in the center of his interests. 

Martin Aepfelbacher

Local Chair

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Clare Taylor

Clare is a Senior Lecturer in Medical Microbiology in the School of Applied Sciences at Edinburgh Napier University, UK. In addition to Microbiology, Clare has interests in Equality & Inclusion and leads work in this area for School of Applied Sciences. Clare also leads the ‘Equal’ theme for the Young Academy of Scotland. In the Microbiology world, Clare is a trustee of and current General Secretary of the Society for Applied Microbiology, and she chairs the Society’s Policy Sub-Committee. Clare brings all of these interests together by working with SfAM and others to ensure that microbiologists have equality of opportunity and that the discipline is diverse and inclusive. Clare’s research in Microbiology focusses on understanding and exploiting intracellular bacteria, such as Listeria and Salmonella, to develop novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies to help reduce bacterial transmission and antimicrobial resistance.

Vaso Taleski

Professor Vaso Taleski is the FEMS Director of Events & Internationalization. He has been President of the Macedonian Microbiological Society (MMS); FEMS Delegate for MMS;  Member of the FEMS Executive Committee (Grants Secretary); Member of FEMS Grants Boards; Member of Organizing Committees of FEMS European congresses of microbiologists; Chair of Congress Grants Committees of FEMS European microbiology congresses; FEMS Director of Events and Internationalization; Chair of the Organizing Committee of the first FEMS Conference on Microbiology 2020. He set up the FEMS Summer School for PostDocs and the FEMS network of ambassadors.

He was awarded with the Charter of “Dr. Trifun Panovski”, the most prestigious professional award of the North Macedonian Association of Physicians for “Extraordinary results in promoting medical science, practice and development of healthcare for 2019”.

Besides his interest on food borne diseases and biological agents, most of his scientific research has been devoted to implementing diagnostic methods for human brucellosis from conventional to serology and molecular methods; he is working as a head of a referent national laboratory for human brucellosis.

Carianne Buurmeijer

FEMS Representative

Carianne Buurmeijer is a Project Manager Events and Communication at the Federation of European Microbiological Societies (Delft, the Netherlands). She is passionate about gearing events and communications towards one goal: connecting people and ideas. Before her affiliation with FEMS, Carianne has been a (communications) professional in utilities, energy and medical branches.