We are happy to announce our five keynote speakers: 

  • Cornelia Welte, Germany
    (Climate change microbiology: unravelling the ecophysiology of methane cycling archaea)
  • Jorge Galan, USA
    (Pathogenicity, Type III protein secretion, salmonella)
  • Nathalie Balaban, Israel
    (Preventing the evolution of antibiotic resistance)
  • Janet Jansson, USA
    (Soil microbiomes: From metagenomes to Metaphenomes)
  • Ken-ichi Yoshida, Japan
    (Bacillus subtilis cell factories for production of scyllo-inositol, a promising therapeutic agent in Alzheimer's disease)                              


Keep an eye out for more news on this website, as we continue to fill our scientific programme with interesting session covering all fields of microbiology.